We reimagined the e-commerce experience for Method Seven eyewear, enabling customers to discover nuanced products for specific industries.

Proposed 'home' page design

Proposed 'home' page design



Because of limitations due to a small team and a fraying web development group, Method Seven reached out to Contact Design and S+C to explore better ways to present and expand their offerings on their MethodSeven.com Magento website. They needed an ecommerce site to better serve the needs of current customers, prospective customers and their roster of wholesalers and distributors. More importantly, Contact assisted in branding and storytelling their two disparate optical lines so the user can easily learn more about the brand and its products, and encourage better conversions in the various segments.

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[Current/Old Website]



A major challenge is to build, energize and coordinate the brand that has such distinct and different customer groups. At first glance, there seems to be very little overlap between the grow and the aviation markets which has led to varying approaches in design and presentation. Primary to these efforts will be a better introduction of the Method Seven brand and why all its products offer precise technical solutions for specific environments. 

S+C will redesign the company/corporate home page and add distinct category pages and funnels for the different customer groups. Emphasis will be placed on showing the glasses at work on real people in unique situations and highlighting user stories. Also, show Method Seven’s commitment to quality and customer service. Through the design and flow, the site will convey Method Seven craftsmanship and inspire confidence in the products.

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Identifying the customer through Personas and User Stories

Who, what, and why are they coming here?

card sort analysis results - similarity matrix.png
card sort analysis results - dendograms agreement.png


A rigorous approach to card sorting and various testing told us what topics and menu links would be appropriate. From there we created a sitemap that would house the information while editing and consolidating wherever possible.

UX Pathways and Conversion Funnels by Brett

UX Pathways and Conversion Funnels by Brett


Visualizing Greatness

We took this data and used it to sketch out paper prototypes. 

M7 Paper Prototype - Home.jpg
M7 Paper Prototype - About Us.jpg
M7 Paper Prototype - PDP.jpg

Attack the Blocks

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m7 block frames mobile.jpg


While we haven't had the opportunity to work with Method Seven to implement this design beyond some work on their logo. This UX exercise helped us discover new pathways to present their brand to a growing culture of eyewear aficionados.


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