Matthew Coles

Matthew Coles

Creative Director

Contact's founder got graphics in his blood as a young child watching his father's magazine, Utah Holiday, undergo paste-up in the late 1970s. As an English major at the University of Utah, Matthew Coles was the sports editor at The Daily Utah Chronicle but his interest soon expanded from merely formulating the written words to directing the way those words were organized with art and images on a page.

After publishing a few newsletters, Matthew found courage and launched Contact full-time in the basement of his home with his trusty PowerMac 7100 and a head full of ideas.

He keeps his foot in the journalism world with frequent assignments covering Utah Jazz basketball games and University of Utah sporting events for Associated Press.

Party tricks: giving nicknames (and having them stick whether wanted or not), remembering statistics of early '80s NBA players, and ear-twigging.

  Jesse Walker

Jesse Walker

Sr. Graphic Designer

Mr. Jesse Walker got his start in design by making posters and flyers for his high school band and subsequent electronic dance parties in his native Idaho. Armed with an irrepressible curiosity for music, art and culture combined with a daring attitude, he's continued to make his mark in Salt Lake since the mid 90's.

Known for his popular culture collective and website this award winning Designer/DJ can be also be found mixing intelligent, music at everything from dance clubs and art galleries, to fashion shows and music festivals.

Always looking for a better way to do virtually everything, Jesse's friendly people skills, his positive outlook, and constructive criticism have helped take Contact and it's clients to new heights.

Party tricks: match making, impromptu cartwheels, opening candy packages with scissors.

Stephen Coles


Stephen Coles heads Contact's Bay Area operations and puts his stamp of approval on our most important projects (often after salient suggestions for improvement in structure and style). He gained much of his rock-solid design savvy from living in Sweden and taking annual trips to Berlin, New York and other design capitals.

Before creating his print and identity design work at Contact, Stephen served as art director for the University of Utah's newspaper The Daily Utah Chronicle. He has also applied his clean, classy, modern style to other international publications, books, and all manner of printed ephemera.

Stephen writes about his passion for typography at Typographica and furniture at The Mid-Century Modernist.

Party tricks: rapid-fire font identification, apropos music compilations.


Justin Bailey

Graphic Designer

A graduate of the University of Utah,


Party tricks: 30-foot buzzer-beaters, garbage can racing, and 100-year-old ceiling scraping.

Whitney Shaw

Special Projects

Whitney graduated in 2008 with a BFA in graphic design from the University of Utah where she learned everything from how to use white gouache to the art of letterpress printing. To feed her addiction, she purchased her own turn-of-the-century cast iron beast for experimentation (Easy Keeper Press).

Party tricks: being the shortest person in the room, stamp licking, having knowledge of strange animals' existences, telling novice printers they've over-inked their type.


Ricky Christensen

Web Developer

Mr. Christensen is our developer dude who specializes in building custom websites on the WordPress open source platforms.

He knows his stuff and has built, marketed and maintained sites for businesses as diverse as fine linens to turkey farms.

He's also a really interesting fellow who has a flower farm and lives in a turn-of-the-century Victorian home.

Party tricks: reverse mohawks and closing holes in his heart.