Updates coming!

› Posted February 14, 2014

Seems we've been so busy here at Contact we've neglected our own website. That's not to say we haven't been working on some really neat things lately. Look for updates coming very soon!

We won again!

› Posted May 1, 2012

New AIGA awards for Contact Design in the 2012 AIGA 100 Show

Contact Recognized In 2010 AIGA 100 Show

› Posted March 26, 2010

We are very proud to announce that two projects Contact produced recently were recognized and accepted into the Salt Lake AIGA 100 Show this year. The winning entries were:

GoodMama Packaging (Illustration & Design by Whitney Shaw, Art Direction Matthew Coles)

NiteLite Poster Campaign (Independently submitted by Jesse Walker)

After careful and considered review, the (New York and S.F. based) jurors selected the years best 100 pieces of design, advertising and digital media. Of the 100 pieces selected, 10 are awarded the coveted Copper Ingot award on the night of the gala. New this year is the addition of 3 Student Ingot awards as well as the silent auction and benefit featuring national and local artwork.

The work will be featured at the 2010 AIGA 100 Design Gala and Benefit on May 14 at the Salt Lake City Library and will also be on display in the Special Collections of the Salt Lake City Public Library May 14-June 17 (210 E 400 S, Salt Lake City, UT). To find out more about the show and to purchase tickets, please visit www.slc.aiga.org.

Christmas Cards

› Posted December 17, 2008

We love receiving unique and artsy Christmas cards but we have neglected sending our own holiday greetings for a couple of years. So we made a determined effort this year to send a well-crafted card to all our favorite clients. When Whitney finally got her new/old letterpress up and running, we had no excuses left.

Each of us chose a few things we loved and then we pared it down to a dozen pictographs. Just so you know Jesse loves music and kitties, Matthew adores his 1963 Volvo and making contact, Whitney has an uncommon affection for donkeys and letterpresses, and Aaron enjoys bicycles and Apples. Of course, there's lots of crossover too as we all love chocolate and cupcakes and other stuff, too. Whitney drew the items freehand and then spent a hectic weekend letterpressing them at her press shop in Ogden.

But, now after the fact, I remember why we resisted putting our hearts into season's greetings it's a lot of work. Still, it was worth it. Our clients have offered wonderful feedback and have enjoyed using the blank cards we sent in the envelope. A blue Christmas isn't so bad after all.

If you didn't receive our holiday gift, it might be on its way; but please call and we'll make sure you get our little packet of love.

Celebrating our first year in the Felt Building

› Posted December 14, 2008

After a happy seven-year stint in the Oquirrh School building, we were forced to find a new home when the Oquirrh underwent remodeling in 2008 to host The Children's Center as its sole tenant. We looked high and low and finally settled on a wonderful space on the fourth floor of the Felt Building on Main Street. The only problems were the stained drop ceiling, the oppressive florescent lights, the bad carpet, the oak and brass buffet counter, the funky wallpaper and paint combination, the stained, drippy sink, and ...

Anyway, the gorgeous windows, the location and charm of the rest of the Felt Building spurred us to rent the space and embark on an epic restyling of the space. We exposed brick, tossed the drop ceiling, put in new cabinets, repainted, added new electrical outlets and lighting, added a distinctive mural of handpainted sign pieces ... and much, much more. Soon enough, the office began to feel like home. The energy and beauty of Salt Lake's old downtown inspire creativity and fun in our comfortable workspace.

Contact Design launches new site

› Posted December 10, 2008

After many months of minding our clients' myriad of projects and ignoring our own website, we decided it was time to officially launch gomakecontact.com to show some of our recent accomplishments. We're glad you've taken the time to browse our work, which we hope conveys the reach and breadth of our skills. Please let us know if your company or organization would someday like to be featured on these pages. Enjoy!